Funder Interview w/ Wells Fargo Foundation

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References & Resources

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  • Quote: “Funders don’t give you money because you HAVE a need; they give you money because you MEET a need.” (Tracey Martin, NY … from a workshop she attended)
  • Link to Wells Fargo Foundation Nevada CyberGrants Website – Click Here
  • Contacts:
    • NEVADA
      • Nevada Community Affairs: Emerlinda Castillejo: 702-791-6520
      • Regional Community Affairs: Dawn LaBonte: 702-791-6599
      • Volunteer Outreach Nevada: Kelly Goodman 775-689-6190
      • Community Development, Financial Education Nevada: Nancy Hamilton 775-689-6165
    • UTAH
      • Community Affairs UTAH: Denise Winslow 801-246-5286
      • Community Development UTAH: Jared Gleue 801-246-1577
      • Community Affairs ARIZONA: 602-378-4601
      • Community Development ARIZONA: 602-378-6414

Special Guest

Dawn LaBonte, VSVP Community Affairs Manager – Desert Region (NV/AZ/UT), Wells Fargo Foundation


Wells Fargo FoundationIn 2012, Wells Fargo Foundation gave the greatest number of grants in Nevada amongst private foundations according to the Foundation Center. Wells Fargo gives over $1.9 Million annually to eligible nonprofits that improve human services, educational, artistic, cultural, civic and environmental programs. Its priorities are to support programs and organizations whose chief purpose is to benefit youth or low- and moderate-income individuals and families.

In this video, you will learn about the Wells Fargo Foundation and its priorities, what works in getting your grant application approved, and what mistakes you should avoid when asking for funding.


In this video, you will learn …

  • Eligibility requirements for nonprofits to apply
  • Process for applying
  • What makes a good proposal great
  • How to involve Wells Fargo staff as volunteers
  • Wells Fargo Foundation funding priorities
  • What common application mistakes to avoid
  • Top concerns around funding
  • And much more!