Attract More Money By Charting Your IMPACT


Description: The impact your nonprofit COMMUNICATES is crucial for donors to decide to fund you. It’s not the impact you HAVE, but the impact your communicate that matters.

If your nonprofit is like most, you do not have the tools to communicate the real impact your nonprofit has in the world! Demonstrating impact to donors and the public is more important than ever.

People want to help charities make a difference — through donations, volunteering, and more – but often struggle to find a succinct, consistent resource that clarifies what an organization wants to achieve and what it has already accomplished.

Charting Impact is a standardized tool developed by BBB Wise Giving Alliance, GuideStar USA, and Independent Sector. It complements planning, evaluation, and assessment that organizations already undertake, and can be used by nonprofits and foundations of all sizes and missions.

Audience: Board, CEOs/EDs, Administration, Support Staff, Volunteer, Consultant


  • Why is charting impact important
  • How to generate a Charting Impact Report (includes checklist)
  • 5 deceptively simple questions that tell your nonprofits “story”
  • How to use “online” tools & get your GuideStar Exchange “gold” seal


By the end of this webinar, you will be able to …
  • Tell your nonprofit’s “story”
  • Generate a Charting Impact Report for your website and through media channels
  • Clarify the difference that you and your nonprofit make