AB 50 – 2015 Proposed Legislation Revising AB 60

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Webinar Description

Hear directly from the author (Nevada Secretary of State) of new proposed state legislation that will impact charitable solicitation registration and language governing disclosure requirements by Nevada nonprofits.

This webinar is sponsored by ANN’s Advocacy Committee, Board and membership! Thank you!

Audience: Board, CEOs/EDs, Administration, Staff, Volunteers, Volunteer Trainers, Fundraisers Consultants, Service Providers, Attorneys, Accountants


The Nevada Secretary of State has received comments from Nevada nonprofits around the implementation of AB 60 this year. They are proposing legislative changes like …

  • Removing it from Chapter 82
  • Proposing creating a new chapter in Title 7 so that the requirements to complete the charitable solicitation registration apply to all entity types not just those organized under Chapter 82
  • Amending some of the language governing disclosure requirements to provide more clarity and eliminate some of the confusion they have heard from organizations trying to comply
  • Adding a section that exempts certain typoe of solutions from disclosure requirements based on some best practices learned from other states as well as comments from local organizations

You will …

  • Learn about all the proposed changes
  • Learn about challenges in the implementation of AB 60
  • Learn about the timeline for BDR 447 consideration by Nevada legislature
  • How to provide feedback and express concerns to Nevada Secretary of State’s office
  • And much more!


  • Scott Anderson, Deputy for Commercial Recordings, Nevada Secretary of State
  • Nicole Lamboley, Chief Deputy, Nevada Secretary of State