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What ANN Can Do For You...

Alliance for Nevada Nonprofits (ANN) offers many benefits, access to helpful resources, business solutions and outstanding continuing education. We provide specific high-quality courses (online and face-to-face), monthly webinars on relevant subjects, an extensive training archive and two annual premier regional conferences taught by industry leaders and highly-trained experts that are packed with leading-edge content, best practices for organizational excellence, and key topics integral to sustainable success.

Successful, thriving organizations are in constant pursuit of improvement in people and performance.

Alliance for Nevada Nonprofits (ANN) is guaranteed to help you:

  • Acquire new skills;
  • Keep you informed about important and relevant trends affecting nonprofits at both state and federal levels;
  • Utilize innovative turnkey solutions to achieve better results;
  • Develop strategies to effectively supervise, manage and direct employees, volunteers, and board of directors;
  • Convert employee training and development into measurable bottom-line success.
  • Become more effective when engaging donors, sponsors, and contributors; and
  • Prepare leaders with the tools necessary to successfully motivate, lead, think creatively and master the big picture!