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I want to change the mindset from ‘nonprofit’ to ‘tax-exempt’ because you need to understand that you are starting a COMPANY and you must treat it like a true business.” -Cheri Hill

Background: Forming a nonprofit corporation can become incredibly complex and  convoluted if one is unaware of the basic concepts of starting a tax-exempt organization. We want to share with you these core principles of non-profit formation as well as teach you how to navigate the waters of the non-profit world without running into compliance issues.

forming-a-nonprofitAudience: Board, CEOs/EDs, Administration, Staff, Volunteers


  • Why People Give to Charities
  • How Do You Know If You Should Form a Nonprofit?
  • Forming a Mission & Vision
  • Questionnaire for Evaluating Charities
  • How to Create a Business Plan
  • State & IRS Filing Requirements
  • Liability Trends & Nonprofit: Compliance


By the end of this digital video, you will be able to …
  • Understand how to establish a nonprofit mission and vision
  • Understand how to properly and confidently form and operate a nonprofit


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Cheri HillFacilitator Bio

Cheri Hill, “Wealth Protection Diva” has been a successful entrepreneur/business owner/premier business strategist for the past 20 years as President & CEO of Sage International, Inc. She is a national speaker, best-selling author, host of the “Cheri Hill Show” on 99.1FM Talk Radio and motivational teacher of financial education, business development and wealth protection strategies.

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