Sponsor a Nonprofit for 12 Months!

100% of Your Donation Directly Increases Capacity of Your Favorite Nevada Charitable Nonprofit!


Alliance for Nevada Nonprofits (ANN) is an IRS-approved 501.c.3. agency, incorporated in Nevada. Your safe & secure donation may be tax-deductible (pursuant NRS 598)!

Why ANN?

  • There are 4,681 Nevada nonprofits who can receive charitable donations. ANN is the only nonprofit that serves the entire sector!
  • The nonprofit sector is a primary job creator and job trainer. Nonprofits collectively employ more Nevadans than the construction, finance, and insurance industries combined. Who Employs More Nevadans? Defense, Mining or Nonprofits? – Click Here for Quiz
  • 56% of people are connected to a cause through a family member or close friend, according to Blackbaud’s Raising More Money Online Study. 10% (one in ten) work for a nonprofit (source: U.S. Congressional Report).
  • Nonprofits do business in every Nevada community, whether caring for returning soldiers, educating children, rebuilding cities, training the workforce, nursing the sick, supporting our elders, elevating the arts, mentoring our youth, protecting natural resources, nurturing our souls, and much more.
  • As front-line providers of services and as organizations grounded in their communities, Nevada nonprofits have a stake in the strength and well-being of the economy and of governments at all levels.

Why should I believe and trust you?

ANN is a virtual business with zero overhead. ANN models nonprofit best practices, is an Ally of the National Council of Nonprofits and has the GuideStar Exchange Gold seal …

national-council-of-nonprofits guidestar-gold

Why should I donate?

4,681 Nevada nonprofits benefit by increasing funding and resources, as well as increasing capacity to fulfill their missions more efficiently and effectively.

What are you going to do with my money?

100% of your donation goes to sponsor your favorite Nevada nonprofit for a full-year ($150 value) and allows for unlimited number of your favorite nonprofit’s Board members, staff and volunteers to save on costs to attend capacity building webinars,  regional conferences, and more!

Nevada nonprofits have saved $1,008,517 since 2010.

Where is your proof?

  • ANN has saved Nevada nonprofits $1,008,517 since 2010.
  • ANN has provided 14,437 hours of professional development since 2007.
  • 4,929 nonprofit leaders has participated in ANN-hosted professional development events since 2007.


Click here to email us! Or, call (702) 483-1ANN (1266).

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