Fundraising Certification Course 4 of 7

Donation Page & Nonprofit Website Course


STEP 1 Click here to download the PowerPoint. Click the “play button” below to watch the webinar replay video …


STEP 2 – Complete the online Nonprofit Website Course with Network for Good.

Between the pre-course and post-course teleconference calls, sign up for and complete the Nonprofit Website Course online by Network for Good on your own, at your own pace, in the privacy of your own home or office. Follow the instructions below …

  • If you haven’t already done so, sign up for Network for Good’s Fundraising Fundamentals.
  • Watch the pre-course webinar (or recording) (Step 1)
  • Complete Lessons 1-4 in the Nonprofit Website Course with Network for Good. Log in to the Network for Good’s Fundraising Fundamentals with the username and password you used when you signed up.
  • Post your Website Worksheet and website URL on the Network for Good forum AND request your Certificate of Completion for the Nonprofit Website Course. Network for Good will respond to your worksheet on the forum and your request for your Certificate by email.
  • Watch the post-course webinar (or recording) (Step 3).

STEP 3 – Click the “play button” below to watch the webinar replay video …

ANN 7-Course Fundraising Certification

7 Courses

  1. Network for GoodMarketing Plan 
  2. Donor Thank You & Retention 
  3. Social Media Strategy 
  4. Nonprofit Websites 
  5. Email Acquisition 
  6. End-of-Year Fundraising 
  7. Single-Day Giving



You, too, can get a Certificate of Completion for Course 3 like this one from Course 1 …


When you complete requirements for each monthly module, you are eligible to receive a certificate from Network for Good as well as be eligible for continuing education points through Certified Fund-Raising Executive (CFRE) International. Complete all 7 monthly modules, and you will be eligible for a Fundraising Series Certificate from the Alliance for Nevada Nonprofits (ANN).