Fundraising Certification Course 2 of 7

How to Create Happier Donors Who Give Again

Course 2

This course will turn you into a fantastic fundraiser by teaching you to treat your donors well – and keep them over the long term.


STEP 1 – Listen to the pre-course call  – Click the “play button” below to listen …

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STEP 2 – Complete the online Donor Thank You & Retention Course with Network for Good.

Between the pre-course and post-course teleconference calls, sign up for and complete the Donor Thank You & Retention Course online by Network for Good on your own, at your own pace, in the privacy of your own home or office. Follow the instructions below …

      • Sign up for Network for Good’s Fundraising Fundamentals (when you’ve signed up, leave a comment below … say a little bit about yourself, too)
      • Listen to the pre-course call (or recording) (Step 1)
      • Click here to watch the webinar: Getting E-Gratitude Right: How to Write Thank-You Emails That Inspire Click here to download .pdf of webinar handouts
  • Click here to download Assignments 1-2 from the Webinar (to be completed by post-course call)
  • Complete Lessons 1-3 in the Donor Thank You & Retention Course
  • Post your Thank You Letter for review by experts. If you would like a Certificate of Completion from Network for Good, please request this when you post your Thank You Letter.
  • Listen to the post-course call (or recording) (Step 3)
  • As you complete your activities, check off the item in the checklist below. When you’ve completed ALL seven items, post a comment below in the Speak Your Mind section so that we have a record that you have finished everything. This is required for you to receive your 7-course certification for the series.

STEP 3 – Listen to the post-course call – Click the “play button” below to listen …

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ANN 7-Course Fundraising Certification

7 Courses

  1. Network for GoodMarketing Plan 
  2. Donor Thank You & Retention 
  3. Social Media Strategy 
  4. Nonprofit Websites 
  5. Email Acquisition 
  6. End-of-Year Fundraising 
  7. Single-Day Giving



When you complete requirements for each monthly module, you are eligible to receive a certificate from Network for Good as well as be eligible for continuing education points through Certified Fund-Raising Executive (CFRE) International. If you would like a Certificate of Completion from Network for Good, please request this when you post your Thank You Letter. Complete all 7 monthly modules, and you will be eligible for a Fundraising Series Certificate from the Alliance for Nevada Nonprofits (ANN).


  1. Brittney Schilpp says:

    I am the Outreach and Events manager for Pet Network Humane Society. We do not receive any government funding so I’m looking forward to learning as much as I can about donor appreciation and retention. Thank you.

  2. Judy Andreson says:

    I am the Executive Director for the Family Resource Centers of Northeastern Nevada in Elko. I am a huge proponent of thanking donors and look forward to some new tips!

  3. chris chen says:

    Hello, my name is Chris Chen and I am a CRA/Recruitment Specialist for the nonprofit NV Cancer Research Foundation in Las Vegas, NV . I look forward to learn Donor Appreciation and Retention and put the principles to use.

  4. Judy Andreson says:

    This course was excellent! I look forward to the next one in the series.

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