Click Here to Download Flyer helps Nevadans find rental homes that fit their needs and budget. It’s fast and easy to use. Property providers can list apartments or homes for rent located anywhere in Nevada and at any time for free. Our list is always up to date. Whether you are looking for an apartment, a townhouse, or a home with a yard, the road starts here.

The State of Nevada Housing Division funds the locator and collaborates with non-profit partner, to maintain this dynamic resource for non-profits and other agencies serving individuals with housing needs, landlords and prospective tenants. The online locator is fully supported by the toll-free, bilingual call center, available Monday through Friday, 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Time. As of May of 2015, 11% of Nevada multi-family units are listed, as well as a growing number of single family rental houses, condos, and mobile homes. We aim to be a one-stop shop for people in need of housing and related resources.

Benefits of this service are:


  • One-stop shop for people in need of housing and related resources; help with hard-to-house individuals and families
  • Easy-to-use rent reasonableness
  • Listings of affordable and accessible housing
  • Up-to-date housing listings are a critical resource for displaced disaster victims
  • Outreach and education to landlords and property providers about housing programs


  • Basic, advanced and accessible searches locate housing to meet very specific needs
  • A proximity search helps find properties within a selected distance from desired locations like work, school, public transit or a family member’s house
  • Helpful resources such as a rent calculator, links to housing resources and much more
  • Tenants can dial a toll-free number for bilingual call center assistance with property searches; support is also available by mail, fax and email
  • All searching is free and anonymous!
  • One-stop shop for people in need of housing and related resources; help with at-risk clients


  • Advertise properties for free with pictures, map links and much more
  • Include details about amenities (like utilities, parking, appliances, etc.)
  • Describe neighborhood features such as schools, parks and public transportation; list the distance of your property from shopping and other conveniences
  • A toll-free, bilingual call center can help add, update and remove listings and conduct market comparisons
  • User-friendly tools help large property providers list multiple units quickly
  • Remove listings immediately from public view when rented to help avoid unwanted calls
  • Rented listings can be re-activated with the click of a mouse when available again

Click Here to Download Flyer