granthubGrantHub is an intuitive grants management toolkit designed to manage your pipeline of funding opportunities, streamline proposal creation, and track your grant deadlines, reports and tasks – while providing convenient, secure access to centralized grant and funder information.

Imagine a more productive and sustainable grant practice for your organization. Now you can build upon your funding success instead of losing ground with personnel changes, missed deadlines and other challenges.

GrantHub helps your organization by:

  • Reusing, repurposing, and retaining your institutional knowledge
  • Keeping your grant documents organized and accessible in an online repository
  • Tracking and assigning grant deadlines, reports, and tasks

GrantHub is also a great solution for independent grant consultants who are looking to expand their services beyond grant writing. Utilize GrantHub to help your clients build a more sustainable grant practice, as well as improve their grant readiness and process.

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