• On April 14, 2011, Amendment 6141 to Senate Bill 99 passed the Senate Committee on Commerce, Labor and Energy. The passed bill made significant changes from the original bill. For example, the requirement of a security deposit for persons providing grant writing services was removed, and further contract requirements were added. SB 99 now goes before the Senate for a vote soon on the floor. If it passes, it will go to the Assembly to start the whole process over again.
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Current SB99 Title: “AN ACT relating to consumer protection; requiring the Consumer Affairs Division of the Department of Business and Industry to regulate the activities of grant writing services that do business in this State; requiring a grant writing service to register and deposit security with the Division before doing business in this State; requiring a grant writing service to provide certain statements to a buyer before the execution of a contract for grant writing services; prescribing certain mandatory terms of a contract for grant writing services; revising the definition of “goods and services” as that term relates to solicitations by telephone; revising criminal penalties for violations of provisions relating to solicitations by telephone; providing penalties; providing a fee; and providing other matters properly relating thereto.”

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NOTE: A person must register as a lobbyist if he or she (1) appears in the legislative building (or another building in which the legislature holds hearings), (2) communicates with a member of the legislative branch, (3) on behalf of another, (4) to influence legislative action (NRS 218H.080). The only relevant exceptions would be either confining activity to formal appearances before committees or contacting the members of the legislature who are elected from the person’s district.