Less expensive than making a mistake & being fired!” –Robin Kelly, Development & Volunteer Coordinator

Starting January 1, 2014 ALL 501.c.3. nonprofits in Nevada must have changed their oral/verbal and written donation solicitations and are required to file additional reports with the Secretary of State. AB 60 is now law, modifying Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS), Chapter 82 (solicitation of charitable contributions) and NRS Chapter 598 (deceptive trade practices).

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In 2013, 69,194 volunteers and 6,174 staff potentially benefitted from ANN’s AB 60 Compliance trainings.

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  • AB 60 Compliance Toolkit & Webinar Replay Video … Now Available … Click Here

AB 60 Compliance Toolkit

  1. AB 60 Special Report III (searchable .pdf w/ 12,000+ words)
  2. PowerPoint Template To Educate Your Board/Staff AND Everyone Who Solicits Donations
  3. AB 60 Solicitor Checklist
  4. 102-minute Digital Video & PowerPoint Slides
  5. Sample Scripts for oral/verbal and written solicitations
  6. Sample Timeline for AB 60 Compliance Implementation
  7. Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS), Chapter 82 (solicitation of charitable contributions)
  8. Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS), Chapter 598 (deceptive trade practices)
  9. Public Disclosures for Websites
  10. USA Patriot Act Info

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  • AB 60 Compliance Toolkit & Webinar Replay Video … Now Available … Click Here


  1. “It is easy if you follow the steps, even for those who don’t have a background.” Patty Dominguez, Program Director
  2. “One thing I can apply right away is changing our website and collateral and setting up a script!” Lu Ann Kutch, Treasurer
  3. “Very informational. I liked the pace and enthusiasm.” Cathy DeLuca, Sr. Administrative Assistant
  4. “Easier than I thought.” Julie Johnson, Executive Director
  5. “One thing I can apply right away is the solicitor checklist.” Sara Lemma, Office Manager
  6. “What I liked most was the construction of a script and action plan for compliance.” Robert Perasa, Outreach Coordinator
  7. “What I liked was the detailed handouts and specific disclosure requirements.” Brenda Stout, CPA
  8. “It simplied AB 60 and made it easier to understand.” Stephanie Vrsnik, Community Development Director
  9. “What surprised me was the amount of useful information in the Toolkit.” Thomas Rideout, President
  10. “What I liked most was information relating to the do’s and don’ts of a website.” Margarita Rebollal, Executive Director
  11. “The materials were easy to understand and presented clearly.” Glen Alex, Executive Director
  12. “Something that initially sounded so complex, turned out not so bad after all.” Amanda Belanger, Development Associate
  13. “What I liked most was the depth of materials and information covered.” Melvin Stringer, President
  14. “What surprised me was all the resources available in the ANN AB 60 Toolbox.” Randy Mitchell, Treasurer
  15. “It was very well delivered. No rambling.” Terry R. Linderman, Executive Director
  16. “What surprised me was how AB 60 will be implemented into our organization and how beneficial it will be.” Rena Loughton, Board Member
  17. “One thing I learned was the checklist for soliciting.” Sally Lyon, Finance Program Director
  18. “What surprised me is how my small nonprofit will be affected.” Amanda, Special Projects Coordinator
  19. “Solid content.” Cheri Hill, CEO
  20. “What I liked was the one page with the disclosures.” Holly Evers, Administrative Director
  21. “What I liked most was the AB 60 Solicitator Checklist.” David Stark, CPA
  22. “One thing I can apply right now to my job is the AB 60 Compliance Toolkit.” Caleb Jensen, CPA
  23. “Loud and clear presentation.” Renee Lowry, Executive Director
  24. “Very practical info.” Ruth Stacy, Grant Writer
  25. “One thing I can apply right now is wording for oral and written solicitations.” Syd McKenzie, Co-Director
  26. “What I liked most was the additional resources that are available to enrich and support nonprofits.” Chris Garvey, Oral Health Nevada
  27. “I liked everything.” Scott Ades, Executive Director
  28. “Very thorough!” Barbara Slade, President
  29. “I am now aware of AB 60.” Bob Miller, President
  30. “What I liked was the in-depth info.” Gretchen Sawyer, Director of Development/Communication
  31. “What I liked was Phil’s clarity.” Karen Dallett, Executive Director



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