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Testimonials From Funder Interview W/ Caesars Foundation

  • Wonderfully Informative. (Jennifer Kidwell, Founder of a Nonprofit)
  • Excellent presentation by Mr. Reilly. Very clear and concise. (Diana Winn, Operations Manager)
  • Excellent and very clear outline of proposal outline and what Caesars Foundation is looking for. (Shayna Liberman, Development Manager)
  • One take-away is the importance of relationship building and proactive planning. (Mary Brock, Executive Director)
  • A great overview of the whole (grant) process, approach to employee “heroes”. (Joyce Falkowski, RN)
  • One take-away is a strategic approach to fund development. (Magda Hirsch, Director of Fund Development)
  • Useful information for applying. (Candace House, Chief Financial Officer)

Mark Your Calendar ... 2014-2015 Regional Conferences for Nonprofits
October 2-3, 2014 = Reno | March 12-13, 2015 Las Vegas

ANN provides an amazing number of helpful resources for Nevada nonprofits at a very affordable price.” -Jean Marovich, Regional Director, Charity Services

The Nonprofit Website Project is the best education I received all year.” -Dawn Lane, Founder/ED, Hope Home Foundation

2014 AB 60 Compliance TOOLKIT & Video – Click Here

The AB 60 Compliance TOOLKIT makes your life easy! It has saved nonprofits over $192,500 … so far!
ANN’s AB 60 training has potentially reached 71,805 volunteers and 8,121 staff … so far!


  • ab-60-toolkit“Easier than I thought.” -Julie Johnson, Executive Director
  • “Something that initially sounded so complex, turned out not so  bad after all.” -Amanda Belanger, Development Associate
  • “What I liked most was the breakdown of all aspects of the new law and that we can use ANN’s forms/info to help us and add into what we teach others.” -Patty Dominguez, Program Director
  • “What surprised me was how much work is to be done in a short time.” -Melvin Stringer, President
  • “It was well-delivered. No rambling” -Terry R. Lindemann, Executive Director
  • “One thing I can apply right now is the script of disclosures and resources in the Toolkit.” -Randy Mitchell, Treasurer
  • “What surprised me is how AB 60 will be implemented into our organization and how beneficial it will be.” -Rena Laughton, Board Member