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March Is Appreciate Nevada Nonprofit Month!

Press Release | Download Your Copy of Nonprofit Proclamation By Assembly


Nevada Assembly Recognizes Nonprofits With Special Proclamation – Photo: Phil Johncock (ANN Executive Director), John Hambrick (Assemblyman) & Cheri Hill (ANN Board Member)

Nevada Regional Conferences for Nonprofits
 October 21-22, 2015 Reno | March 2016 Las Vegas

ANN provides an amazing number of helpful resources for Nevada nonprofits at a very affordable price.” -Jean Marovich, Regional Director, Charity Services

The Nonprofit Website Project is the best education I received all year.” -Dawn Lane, Founder/ED, Hope Home Foundation

Funder Interview w/ Wells Fargo Foundation

  • Very well-done! Answered all my questions. (Melanie Marcano, Development Coordinator)
  • Dawn has a very down to earth way of presenting. She is very clear and direct. (Stephanie Vrsnik, Community Development Director)

Funder Interview w/ Caesars Foundation

  • Wonderfully Informative. (Jennifer Kidwell, Founder of a Nonprofit)
  • Excellent presentation by Mr. Reilly. Very clear and concise. (Diana Winn, Operations Manager)